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Letter 134: Send me some songs


November 11, 1912

Dear Mother,

Your letter I got night. I am getting on splendidly well. The furnace: you should see me handle the big sticks. I just throw them in as if they were feather weights. In this weather, it takes very little fuel to keep the house comfortable. Thursday was your day. Did you remember about it? I made a cake which turned out very good and I sat in state. It was a dreadful afternoon and did not expect anyone. So telephoned Miss Sparrow and Gladys Wheel. They did come also Ethel and Mrs. Fraser paid me a long visit before the others so I felt quite repaid.

Friday night Ethel and I went to the Debate. Saturday. Christine and I were at the Crombie's for tea. Then I went to a meeting to see about a dance that is coming off in about two week.

Yesterday we had a very peaceful day. Went to Sunday school and Church. A McMathews of Quebec preached in the evening on the budget for 1913. Ethel came in and stayed for a good while after church. This morning she left for Montreal. I will miss her. They have been so good to me. And I have stayed a good many nights there. Edith Peppler says to call when I want anybody.

Mr. Montgomery was over this morning to call when Mrs. McCreary was giving Grace her lesson. I am going over to sing for them. I wish Marion or Flora would get me some nice songs. Contralto.

I gave my name in to the ballottee at the Eastern Star. Mrs. Dawson and Mrs. Willie Ewing called this afternoon on behalf of the lodge. I will go in in about a month. Mrs. McKee is receiving on Wednesday and the Presbyterian workers meet tomorrow at Lizzy Rattray's so that takes two afternoons.

Miss Main was buried on Saturday afternoon.

Now will you get me something for a dress that I can wear to the dance? Not more than 50 cents a yard, either pale pink or deep cream. Christina is going to help me make it. Is coming down next week. Started to take her lessons from Mrs. Barrie. There is a lovely deep cream silk at Hudon, 40 inches wide at 1.00 yds. If I were rich I would have it. Mrs. Chapin saw 4 ½ yards of 40 inches good for a dress. So I think I would need five yards anyway. Send it out by mail. This is supposed to be quite an affair. And I would like to go to a dance just for a change after four years of quietness.

Now I hope you are not worrying about me. Mrs. M. said again today how much younger I looked. I was so tired and old looking when I came home. Ethel will call you try to have her up. Give my love to all at 239. Remember me to Hughie.

Love to Marion and Flora and the others.

I enjoy getting your letters because they keep in touch with the city life. Write soon.

Your loving Edith.

PS Tell Marion to help you find a pattern for the dress and send it along.

Aunt Flora address: House of Refuge Sarnia Ontario

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