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Letter 131: Enjoying their Housekeeping

Flora's route today, 32 minutes by bus (without waiting times) and 102 minutes walking, which would be the same as in 1910. And boots were made for walking back then. There would be a slew of new Eastern European Jewish immigrants living in the William Lunn catchment area. Flora's students. Many spoke no English, according to the Montreal Gazette, but the parents were very keen on getting their kids an education.

2401 Hutchison Montreal

Nov 1, 1912

Dear Norman, Your letter recd Thursday morning.

Edith went home on her Thanksgiving ticket, left here at 8 o'clock Wednesday night. They, M and Flora, asked me to stay a few weeks with them; they really need some one all the time to keep things going right, everything is very nice but it takes time to get the meals. They have a warm dinner at 6 o'clock.

They have a young girl with them, a Miss Bullock from South Roxton. Her Father is Liberal provincial member for Shefford County, her only brother a young man of 20 years put the telephone in for them. Made them a present so they have their coal in for the winter. Mr. Smith got that for them.

I am having quite a time cooking with gas. I don't touch the furnace. Marion tries to run that and when Mr. Blair comes - which is very often -he looks at it. He is anxious to do anything to help, but Marion wants to do everything herself - and I might just say here that this young man is anxious to see you. But if he writes you he will have to wait till you come home as you would like to see him. Marion thinks he is all right so you will have to give your consent.

I told you that Henry was going to take Flossie to Kingsbury. Well, he did. He got Fred Boast to drive him and Flossie rode out. They kept her at night but when she got out in the morning she started for Richmond. Henry telephoned Ethel Crombie, she said she was at the door when she got up. Then she wrote to Edith here to tell us she would look after her as we had given her the key to look after plants and she have her sleep in the kitchen at night. It was very kind.

Edith wanted to stay till the late train as she wrote and told Ethel that she would arrive at 11.15. and would stay with her.

I had a letter from Edith this morning said she arrived safely and Ethel was waiting for her. She says she does hope we will stay in Richmond this winter. Aunt Han had come down to make us a visit. She was at Florence's till Edith got home. She was going to stay until Saturday. Then Edith thought she would go out and stay a week at Aunt Christie's as I told her she must not stay alone as she has had enough for a month I think.

We got our double windows on and I think I told you and Edith would have stayed longer but they each the four girls pay equal share and then there was the dog bothering other people. Edith wants to take up the stenography after Xmas. She could stay with the girls here.

Well, about you coming. I supposed that it would be better not to come until Xmas. You could come two weeks before New Years and that won't seem so very long. I will go home and have the house in order by that time.

Mr. McCoy asked Edith and me to go to the Caledonian concert with them. I accepted, but Edith could not stay as it was Thursday and she would loose her ticket. It was fine. I enjoyed it very much, only wish you could have been there. You see, everyone takes pity on me when my man is away. When I told them in Lingwick that I had not see you for 7 months they said "No wonder I would take a trip." They were all so pleased to see me.

Henry was only up from Boston for two weeks. Was not much of his time at home.He thinks he will be up at Xmas. He and Christine came in here Monday night with May. Went up to see their cousin Dr. Manson. Henry went to Windsor hotel. Went home next day. Saturday Night, Nov 2 I was interrupted, so did not get this finished.

This afternoon Marion and Flora went out shopping. They both bought long coats. The will be comfortable for the winter. They have such long rides on the cars. We got home at 6 o'clock. May had our dinner ready.

They really are enjoying their housekeeping so far.

I think I told you our Minister was engaged. He was in paying us a visit so brought her up to call on us. And told us his engagement was announced just the night before. I don't know why you think I like him better than the previous one. I like him very much and he does preach good sermons. You see he is Scotch, that accounts for it!

I have not gone out to see any of my friends yet. Will later. We see the McCoys every day. Uncle Alex sent in a barrel of potatoes,. Henry bought grapes, tomatoes and a fern for their table. And Miss Bullock brought Maple Syrup and sugar. They had to pay freight.

I will write again when I hear from Edith. I have not heard from Herb. I do wish he was near some of us when you leave there you must take a trip and I wrote him since I came in here.

Your loving wife,


The girls travel from Mile End to Little Burgundy and Griffintown on the trolley, or street car.

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