Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 130: Hugh Dear

October 31, 1912

Dear Mother

I got along nicely coming out. Came up with my friend, Fred. M. Ethel stayed home as she was entertaining the workers. She was up for me.

Seemed pleased to have me and we talked until one anyway.

She was so interested in Mr. MacMillan's engagement. She thinks it is our place to write her earlier.. Mrs. Crombie said they would do all they could to give her a good time. I wonder how Billy would like that.

Aunt Han came down Tuesday has been staying at Florence's. Did not think of us being away. She called me up just a few minutes after I came over. Came up for dinner will stay until Saturday with me. She has rented her house to a nice family. The chief boiler- maker at the station. We are going over to the cemetery this afternoon.

I made a good fire in the furnace and Han had the water running. The house did not seem damp. Louley Stephens is sewing at Mrs. Montees; I wonder if she will rent. I will get the mail when downtown and send yours on. Floss heard my voice and commenced to cry last night. Mrs. C says she is a very well behaved animal. They seem rather taken with her.

Was "Hugh dear" up last evening? Give my love to all the girls and have a good time.

Your loving daughter,

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