Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 129: Rambling Letter, rambling trip

2401 Hutchison Street
Montreal Oct 27, 1912

Dear Norman,

Your letter of the 21st received you will have my letter by this time telling you that I was invited to go to Lingwick with Henry and left Tuesday am at 11. Had dinner at the Magog hotel then went for a walk. Called on Mrs. McLeod and Arthur Lockhard, principal of the highschool. Then left by CPR to Scottstown at 4 pm. Henry telephoned Lennie McIver from Sherbrooke Mary Ann met us at the train had tea with her then Rennie arrived with a pair of horses, took us home got there at 10 oclock.

It was a beautiful warm day and the night was fine. Next morning Kenneth told Henry to take his horse and go anywhere we wanted to, so we started. Had dinner with Uncle Donald's wife tea with Mrs. George Nicholson. Called at every house down as far as Mr. Nicholson. He told me to ask you if you had turned Conservative. Got back to Rennie's at 7 o'clock. Then he gave us a fresh horse and his wife went with us to see Mary Anne McLeod and her Mother in Galson. Spent the evening. Next morning we called on Mrs Morison across the way. Then Rennie drove Henry to Scottstown when we got to Rennie's. Uncle Murdoch was driving to Scottstown alone so rode with him and Henry and Rennie stayed at the Church to attend a funeral (Mary Anne Nicholson and Husband) from Fisher Hill, stayed with Mary Anne until 3.--Friday morning got to Sherbrooke at 5 o clock and down home at 10 30 then Edith had things ready and we both came in home. Leaving at 4 o clock same day.

So if this letter is rambling don't wonder I enjoyed it so much. And they were all glad to see me and asking for you. Want you to go up if you come home to stay any time.

Well, I found Marion and Flo very happy in their flat and both looking well. Marion W went home and the other girl that stays with them so we find it pretty nice to have the house to ourselves.

They seem to manage very well. They have rented it for 40 dollar per month then they divide expenses which is a good way. They take turns with the work and they have every thing to work with and they have their coal for the winter.

Mr. Smith and Mrs. McCoy are very kind and take an interest in them.

They want me to stay but they have only room for 5 so Edith thinks she will go home and we will take turns in staying .

We got the double windows on we still have a little wood on hand. I was not able to get any more cord wood as they don't want to bring it until sleighing. I heard that Henry Fleck of Melbourne Ridge had good wood. I telephoned him. Said it was 5 dollars a cord but that he could not bring it till sleighing so think we will manage as we have some large pieces left. So don't worry.

Henry saw us to the station and was going to take a team from ___and drive home and was going to take Flossie with him. So Malcolm said he would keep her for us.

Christina Peppler was keeping the cat and we left the key with Ethel Crombie and she was going to water the plants.

Edith will go out Wednesday night as that is the length her ticket lasts. I am glad the girls have the flat that each one pays an equal share. I did not know until I came in.

I was afraid it was Marion running it.

They are comfortable. Flora did not like Mrs. Ellis's.

I paid up a few bills, every thing except McRae's. Then I got a pair of boots for myself at McMorines. Did not pay for them as I wanted to keep some money for this trip and after paying our tickets I have 10 dollars left.

I was looking at my coats for the winter. Thought I would like one. I may wait til you come I want Flora and Marion to get one each as they will be warm and it takes half an hour on the car to reach their schools.

I hope you need the fur coat all right.

I have not heard from Herb since writing you last. I hope he will be able to deal with Dr. Moffatt's note.

I have not heard anything more about Sophia's marriage. I don't think she has written any one. She will some day. A R McRae is in the hospital I am going to see him this afternoon. Went in on Monday. That is Mary Anne McIver's husband.

I am sorry to tell you John Nicholson is sick at Lake Saranac. They think it is granite consumption. Then I met Nick Morrison who is in very poor health. Nice man, he came to Lingwick in hopes that the climate might help him.

With love your loving wife

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