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Letter 128: Wonderful what money can do.

October 20th, 1912

Residency 22,

Dear Margaret,

I am writing you a short note today on my usual day to say I am well. That's about all the news I have as I answered yours of the tenth last Thursday after receiving yours.

I haven't heard from any of the girls since, nor from Herb. I think I told you in my last letter that I had another letter from Dr. Moffatt.

Well, we are still here working at the Round House, which was supposed to be done long ago and there is lots to do on it still.

And about going home. It's still in the dark to me as I haven't heard from any of them yet about letting me off. I am beginning to think they do not want me to go until its finished.

We have had a fine weather here for the last week which I enjoy after the snow and rain we had. I only hope it will continue for a month or say Xmas.

When you leave for Montreal let me know so I will write you there. Hope you are not having a hard a time with the storm windows and getting some wood.

Did Henry Watters come home for his holiday?. You spoke of it in your letter some time ago. I saw by one of the papers you sent me last that there was a cheap excursion from Sherbrooke to Boston and wondered if Uncle Alex did not avail himself of it as he likes to travel.

I supposed Mr. Crombie has fixed up everything about his place so nice that all the rest on the hill are now in the shade. I also see by my paper that they are going to give FN McCrae of Sherbrooke a banquet and that Sir Wilfrid is to be there. Wonderful what money will do. I wonder if William, his brother, will be there.

I am sending Mrs. Crombie my cheque for interest (on mortgage) and likely will mail receipt to my add Richmond. If so see that its put away in safe keeping.

And when you hear about Sophia Nicholson marriage give me the news. It's likely she has sent some one her epistle about it.

It's strange that Gilbert hasn't written to some of us about it.

Now as I cannot think of any more at the present I will have to close trusting you and Edith are well, with love to Edith, and much to your dear self

Your affectionate Husband
N. Nicholson

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