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Letter 127: Water tax and telephone

Richmond Oct 10, 1912

Dear Norman,

Your letter of the 6th of Oct. received.

Thought I would write you at once as Marion has written that they are getting on so well and that we at least are not needed to come until Thanksgiving.

My idea was to go when we could close the house while it was warm weather and look things over, but they are getting on so well that we will just leave them for a while. They tell me that Mrs. McCoy thinks things are all right so we will content ourselves until then or until you come there we may arrange to go for the winter.

I asked Mrs. Ross to look at the barn. He did this morning , said he thought there was no immediate danger till next spring. Asked me if I was looking for you then. I said I am looking all the time. He just laughed. So don't worry and start coming only come when you can.

Very soon you will need your fur coat the weather is so cold. Although we have had a few fine days.

Uncle Alex came down today he brought me another bag of potatoes. They are fine, so dry. One day he was here staying for dinner said he would dig the potatoes for me. He said my potatoes were a complete failure and he has been bringing me some since that day. I was saying good thing I let him dig them.

Later Friday Night: I did not get this finished we had company. There was a Sunday School convention in town they asked us to take two delegates so we had to young ladies from Danville. One of them was at McDonald College with Flora so we felt as if we knew her. Then Nicholson from Sherbrooke was down so we invited him and our Minister Mr. McMillian for tea and we all went down to the Convention. It was in the Episcopal church.

I've had the announcement of Sophia Nicholson's marriage to David T. Bell of Edmonton. That is all we have about him but I will write her soon. I was wondering if she had sent you one.

Well, If I have to pay the water tax and telephone and you don't come soon I will need some more funds to pay the city as I am pay it out pretty fast and soon I will have to put the double windows on. Montgomery put his on today.

We are having an anniversary on the 28th Rev Dr. Fraser of Montreal College is to preach usual tea meeting in the day following.

You would see in the papers that missing yacht. Two of the young men were from Richmond, one a young English man that came out to learn farming at Cole's decided he did not like it and went into the bank, the other Tom Bonner's son. It is very sad indeed. They were both in Bank of Commerce.

I wrote Herb and told him of Dr Moffatt's writing you. I also said that I think you would write but now that he has mentioned trying to pay you can tell him that it will be a great weight off your mind that he might know and likely does how debt always worried you. As you thought it did most of people. Did Han write you? She said she intended to but she said it was all right. I will send you a letter or card in a few days.

Yours with much love
Margaret Nicholson

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