Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 126: Goodbye

October 8 1912

To N Nicholson Esq
Dear Sir,

Yours just rec'd also one returned to me that I had written to Herb August 25th asking him to kindly return note signed by him self and you so as I could cash it in Richmond. I have written him again today and enclosed letter that was returned from Elbow Sask.

I addressed today's to Regina as you advised. Hope he will attend to it as Sam is going down to Centralia n a farm and I have to cash some agreements for him that he bought last fall in order that he may pay the cash demanded on this farm he is buying. I expect he will leave here in two weeks. I had him in the hospital here as he had a fistula in ass and wanted to have him fixed up before he went down to the farm. It has about all healed now. Centralia is a town of 8,000 about a night's ride from here 48 miles south of Tacoma.

Let me hear if you hear from herb and what he says. I will get the old note from Same before he goes down all well and we like it here very much. Goodbye.

From WA Moffatt
W.A Moffatt MDCM

739 24th Avenue, Oct 8, 1912

Dear Herb,

No reply on hand from you. The enclosed letter I wrote you August 24th. Just returned today. Also one from your father as I wrote to your mother and enclosed a letter to your father which she forwarded to you

He is, I see, still up West of Cochrane.

Sam is leaving Westminister and is going to Australia, Washington on a farm. He had bought some agreements last fall and have to cash them for him and must have the note money.

Thought the delay was in writing your father and getting a reply but he claims he has not heard from you in a couple of months.

Kindly get a new note and have it signed and return as want to cash it for same. Kindly do not delay but make it out at four months from date. Send it up to your father and get him to send it to me.

All are well here. Your father states that he is going home soon. Goodbye.

W.A. Moffatt

$250 " 6% January 1909. Cash $68 September 4. Due August 4, 1912, $233.86


Ironically, Norman Nicholson has helped collect overdue accounts for Dr. Moffatt, who is related to the Nicholsons through the Clevelands. It is clear from the account book Norman kept that many many of this doctors patients could not pay their bills. Some even paid with forged notes. In 1904, the account book reveals that some people were 8 years behind in their payments! Amounts owed ranged from $1.50 to $30.00 or a little over. Dr. Moffatt has written DEMAND 10%, 15% and even $25% after some amounts.

And then the Good Doctor loses almost all his savings in a stock market swindle in 1910. No wonder he is in such a bad bad mood that he signs off his letters with a terse, Goodbye. Very bad form.

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