Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 125: Four Girls in the Scheme

Royal Arthur School
80 Canning Street

September 30, 1912

Dear Father,

I am writing this in school to tell at last taken that long talked of flat and while I think will tell you the address; it is 2401 Hutchison St. and is almost next door to the McCoys which makes it fine for us. We moved in on Sat last (Sept 28) and they have been in cooking and doing all sorts of things for us. Mr. McCoy gave us a basket of peaches to start on.

The flat is completely furnished and is lighted by electricity and we do all our cooking by gas. There are four girls in the scheme, Flora, May, Lena Bullock who is a school teacher and yours truly. We are planning to pay 20 dollars each per month and hope to be able to make ends meet but if we cannot then we will get another girl to come in with us.

The flat itself costs us $40.00 then we will have the rest for running expenses. When you come home take an Amherst car up Bleury and get off at St. Viateur. And we will let you see what sort of housekeepers we are.

Yesterday Chester Coy and Ross called on us for a while in the afternoon and also the McCoy's and Smiths and last but not least Mr Blair - or Romeo for short.

Now I must stop and get my lunch but will write later and if there are any details I have not mentioned I will in the next.

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