Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 124: Pay my debts

Rumely Company

La Porte Ind

Regina Sask Sept 29 1912

Dear Father,

Your two letters received Thursday last. The first one having been all over the country and a last sent to General Delivery. I also received three from Mother and one from Edith and Marion.

It was over a month since I have heard from any person from home and you can understand that I was at a loss to know what was the reason.
You will see by the paper I am using who I am working for and the line of business. I am on the collection end and think I have a fairly good position at last and expect that I will be able to pay my debts after a while.

Things here are looking very good. The crop was good all around and was mostly all cut before the frost came. The weather has been very wet since cutting until a few days ago but it looks rather settled now and if it does keep dry for about a month things with form. The next trouble will be the car shortage. The railways are trying to make people believe that this is not going to happen this year but you will see a worse tie up than last year by long odds.

I see by the papers that Sir Wilfrid was at Cochran but suppose you would all be frightened to recognise him or join in any demonstration. See that he spoke in the round house. I suppose this is the one you are building. Sorry you can not get home more often. Edith being home will make it much nicer for Mother. Now I will not write any more for this time.

Hope you are keeping well.

Your son,

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