Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 123: A Few Lines...

WA Moffatt
739 24th avenue
Vancouver BC

September 17, 1912

Dear Mr. Nicholson,

Am enclosing this in a few lines. I wrote to Mrs. Nicholson so as she could forward it to you. As I was afraid you might have changed your address as I think you told me it was Cochrane Ont.

Well, How is everything with you? I wrote Herb a couple months ago and enclosed a note as I asked him if I would make it up to date if he could sign and send it on to you so as I could get it cashed in Richmond Bank. And he said that would be all right. I have never heard anything more from him altho I forwarded it to him a couple of months ago. Have you heard from him and what does he say. As I told you this was my brother's money and he is about to buy a farm I told him I would have it for him., At Present he is down in Washington looking at a place and he asked me if I had ever got it and of course I told him I had not but that I would see to it at once.

We are all well, With love from all

I am W A Moffatt.

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