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Letter 122: Not much money in it!

Sept 16 1912

Dear Norman,

Your letter of the 8th received. You will see by the heading that we are still in Rd. Flora wrote last week that they were about discouraged looking for a flat to suit them. Marion will not take one unless she gets one to suit her, so they are both at Mrs. Ellis's now - also May Watters. I am not sure whether they have given up the idea or not but think they have for the present. Mrs.and Mr. McCoy left Saturday the 7th. They did enjoy their stay here.

Edith felt disappointed as she thought she could look for something to do and would have somewhere to stay (if Marion got an apartment).

It will be too bad if both E and I have nothing to do to earn our living this winter. I am always busy but not much money in it.

I told you in my last letter that I paid Han and she said it was all right; seemed pleased. I met her at McRaes's store yesterday; she was down with her brother. We both went in and got weighed. She weighed 141 and me 158. Just fancy, I am not failing ; don't think I need a tonic.

Flora had a cold when she left but she writes that it had disappeared and that she is feeling well. Says she has 50 kids. Her school is down near the hay market - not a nice part of the city, she says. The principal is nice; always something to be thankful for.

I see Mr. Crombie has taken out the post and rolled up the wire. They will soon have the new one up . Don't think the post for the new one has come yet.

I spoke to Earl Hall about wood; he said he did not have any good wood; there was soft mixed in it; however I may get a load to last till you come.

We had one good day for the fair. It was very good indeed - quite a number asking for you. I always tell them you are coming in the fall to get things fixed for the winter. I was speaking to Mrs. Rothney; she is going to Winnipeg for two months while Mr. B will be inspecting schools.

We are having wet weather. Farmers are discouraged that they cannot get their grain in. We never seem to have more than two days without rain.

I just got a notice today that the grand officer is coming on the 18th Wednesday to initiate the members of the Eastern Star. We are all to dress in white so I will be busy for the three days . Will tell you about it in next letter, are we supposed to tell.. Then after that if we don't hear any more of the flat, E and I are going out to Kingsbury and to Jannett's on the ridge for a week as there is nothing to keep us here.

Our corn is ripe, potatoes are not very good. Uncle Alex brought us some fine ones; no ripe tomatoes yet. Cabbage and onions are fine.

Andrew McKenzie was asking if you were going to be there this winter. Most of them think you are pretty fortunate to be kept on so long. If they would connect the road east it would be easier to get home. However, as long as we are all well don't worry, the time will pass quickly. I know not having any of your own makes it more lonely for you.
with much love
Your loving wife

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