Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 121: They Make me Sick!

3 Tower Ave
Sept 9 1912

Dear Father,

It is high time you heard from me isn't it, but here it is at last.

You will see by the heading where we are. May, Flora and I have two rooms between us. I hunted for a flat until I was nearly sick and so came to Mrs. Ellis's again. Perhaps later it will be easy to get a flat. But at present it is next to impossible.

I suppose mother told you of the nice time we had with the McCoys. They certainly have been very good to us. Isabel and Mrs. McCoy brought me a dandy blouse from Paris, no less, fancy me with anything Parisienne.

Flora and I were up there last night for tea and until today I have been with the Clevelands. They were nice enough but a little of them goes a long way. Ross has not returned from the other side yet, but is expected this week.

I think Flora is right in harness now and has a nice class. I think, and better still, her Principal is not a blooming Englishman.

There her hours are very short so she will get into the hard work gradually.

Edith and I had a fine time in Boston, everyone was so very kind to us and entertained us royally.

Chester Coy is coming up to Montreal in about a week for part of his holidays so we will have to show him Montreal to advantage if possible--for he is a great Yankee.

My work at school is just the same as last year. I was half promised a promotion to Seventh Year which is next to the Principal but in the end the Board gave it to an inexperienced boy just out of MacDonald and are giving him $800 when the rest of his class get only $500. They make me sick. When they first spoke of the Seventh Year for me they said I could have it if they were not able to find a man for it. However, the men were forthcoming so I am still in the Fifth Year.

I can't think of any more news just now so will stop but will try and write oftener than I did this summer. Flora says to tell you that she will write soon.

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