Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 120: A thankless job

Sunday Morning
11 am Sept 9, 1912

Dear Mother,

I suppose you will be thinking it is about time you were hearing from me.

Well, we arrived here safe and sound and have been hunting for a place to lay our heads, so far we have not been successful, it certainly is a thankless job.

Marion W and I are out at Mrs. Ellis just now and Marion is up at Lorne Ave. I think she can keep us if we did want to stay, but perhaps we will not want too.

Are Mr. And Mrs McCoy still with you? Did they go to Quebec?

Is Mr McCoy still telling jokes?

Now don't worry about my cold as it has disappeared altogether. I haven't coughed since Mrs. McCoy's medicine was pretty good.

My school is not too bad when you get there but it is in a pretty poor part of the city, a way down by Haymarket Square. I have an afternoon class so I don't have to go until 10.30 am but have to stay until 4.20 PM. Of course, I would rather go in the morning and get out early but it can't be helped. Our principal seems to be very nice.

Friday night Hugh came over and he and Marion went to the theatre. He was all spif and span and looked fine.

Mrs. Cleveland told me to tell Edith she had better come into town for the last two week in Sept as Chester is coming up there.

Marion just telephoned and said Isabel wants us both to go up there this afternoon. We are going to start right after lunch.

Thursday I was out at Grace Whitings for the evening. It seemed good to see and Old Mac Girl. Now good bye dear mother with love for Edith and yourself.


I hope you will be able to read this but it certainly is a rotten pen. Address my letters to 3 Tower Avenue for a while anyway. How is Father and Herb I suppose you have heard from them.

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