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Letter 119: The Spirit of Travelling

Richmond Sept 2, 1912

Dear Norman

Your letter of the 26th received. I think I have met one of the men in the snapshot. Looks very well.

I have just got Flora and Marion started this morning. They were going to look at some flats this week and see what they can do. Also May Watters went with them; they have talked all summer of flats and keeping house so if they get anything suitable I will go in.

Mr. and Mrs McCoy came last Tuesday. They are here and intending to go to Quebec very soon and go up by boat to Montreal. I am afraid they will find it quiet without Marion.

Mr. Crombie was speaking about putting in a new fence between us. Said the wire was all broken and that he thought it needed new cedar posts. Said that he had the men working. Wanted to fix it all up. I said you would be home before long; he said it needed to be done and did not think you would object to it. I suppose you will have to pay half.

So when you come you can be ready for him; he said he did not think it would be much.

Last Thursday Mr and Mrs. McCoy wanted to see Sherbrooke so they took us all up for the day; left home by 10:40 train; had dinner at the Sherbrooke House then went out sightseeing; came home on the 4 pm train; had a fine day; he paid all bills and fare.

We all thought it was too much but he would not leave anyone at home.

Edith came Wednesday afternoon. He would have gone the day before but he wanted her in the party.

He was only home ten days from his trip across the Ocean when he came out here. He got the spirit of traveling.

Well, I hope will see their way clear and let you come home soon, for there are things to see to for the winter.

They have no wood for sale at the Last Factory but I'm not out just yet.

Aunt Han came down but I was out and she could not wait. Edith said it was after banking hours anyway; she is coming tomorrow. So she said I would be all right. Then I am anxious to get it off my hands.

I think I told you I had a letter from Herb. He seems to think this job is all right.

Well, we will be delighted to see you when you ever can come. So many people ask "Are you going to Montreal?" a case of people wanting to know your business before you know it yourself. So if you were here we could decide.

Now I am busy or this letter is not a long I would like it. Mr and Mrs. McC are wishing you were here. Mr. Montgomery met them with the auto at the station.

Yours with much love
Margaret Nicholson

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