Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 118: Same Old Herb


August 26, 1912

Dear Norman,

Your letter of the 18th received on Thursday and one with cheque and note recd Monday. I will attend to them. I’m writing Han to come down.

Marion arrived home Saturday the 24th in the morning. She intended going to Montreal today (Tuesday) to look for a flat or some place where she, Flora and May Watters would be together. But Mrs. McCoy telephoned us that she and Mr. McCoy were going to Quebec and would stay over to make us a visit so Marion will not go until they leave.

Edith stayed in Laconia with Lena for a few days.

Marion looks fine and healthy to start to work. She says when she gets settled she will write and give you an account of their trip.

Flora is getting ready to start. She has a cold but we are trying to doctor her up and think she will be all right.

We have had such damp wet weather here.

I had a letter from Herb. He has changed his work, at least the company, only doing same with collecting. Did I tell you he had been up to see the Skinners? Mrs. Skinner wrote me that he was looking so well. Said it was the same old Herb. And looked more like his mother than ever.
The Crombies are making great changes, putting in granite walks all around the front to the kitchen door. The barn is as large as any farm would build. Mr. Montgomery is going down in the auto to meet the McCoys with Marion so I am pretty busy. After they go I will write you a letter.

My cheque came in good time for I was just out. Thanks for the same. I have had new potatoes out of my garden, not too bad yesterday. Uncle Alex brought me some fine ones so I have not had to buy anythe whole year.

With much love, from your Loving Wife,

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