Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 116: Ball Game This Afternoon

661 Commonwealth Avenue
Newton Center
August 14, 1912

Dear Mother,

Your letter received yesterday. I don't understand why you have not heard from us. Because I wrote a day after coming to Mrs. Coy's. But perhaps you have them now.

We are having a lovely time. Came down to Henry's yesterday morning by trolley ; got along all right. Christine and Henry were in town when we arrived but they soon came. In the afternoon Henry took Marion and I over to the Hospital to play tennis. My with all the Dr's and Flora's nurse friends. Mrs. Slarkey. Miss Harvey and Miss Allen. They wanted to be remembered to her and said they did wish she would come down again. I liked Mrs. Slarky and Miss Harvey better than Miss Allen. Then in the evening Henry took us by auto to Norumbega Park to the theatre. Shirley May is at home. She is 14 and quite small for her age but a very nice girl. She came with us. We got home a little after tea.

We have breakfast here at 7 30 am. So we are getting up good and early.We are going into Boston this morning to meet Annie.

Alex answered my letter, said any time we could come would be convenient for him.

Christine is going home Friday night. So you can see her and if I have forgotten any news She can fill me. Henry is planning to take us around. It is grand going by car on these beautiful roads.

This is our place for today: Boston this morning; ball game this afternoon; and for the evening to the Brig Lains? Quite a busy day, will write again tomorrow. Or not.

Try and keep you posted a little better than we have been We have written a good many postals to our many friends.

Your own loving

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