Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 115: With a bunch of flowers

Richmond Quebec August 13th,1912

Dear Edith.

Received your letter this morning so here I am sitting behind the vines replying to the same. It is really terrible the way you girls write so many letters; take my advice and don't write so many especially to the two lone individuals you left behind in the old homestead.

Aunt Han is leaving this afternoon for Corris P Q via GTR. Do you know that place? If you have not you have missed one of the greatest pleasures of your life. The scenery is superb, they have everything from a duck pond to jersey cows grazing on the beautiful green grass. No doubt the Honeywell Gardens you were speaking of in your letter were very much the same as those at Corris.

So you have taken a fancy to the Hut? It is really very nice but it is not the only place on the face of the earth. As they would like you to believe. You seem to be having a fine time. Aren't the buildings at Wellesly fine something like Macdonald, don't you think?

I am glad to hear Mrs. Boose and Norman are well. How is Bill?

Evelyn must be quite a nice ; what does she look like, anything like her cousin Flo, if so she must be quite a stunner. Of course that sounds rather boastful but I am only tell you what others' say. Last night we invited Mrs. Cross Mrs. Skinner and May over for tea and I am very glad to say that no one asked for any menu.

Dr. C called us up from Lorne last night. So we are expecting them on any train now. I hope they won't stay very long as you know what kind of a 'feller' he is.

Here comes the lad with a bunch of flowers. I wonder what's wanted now. I expect the flowers are some kind of a peace offering. I am right about the flowers; he wants his tea right off so he can keep one of those famous engagements of his. I was speaking to Dr. C over the phone. He wants Thorburne to go out on the eight o'clock train to Lorne as his Grandmother wants to see him. Herb Boutelle is to take him as far as Danville and he will meet him there and take him in. They are coming out here at four tomorrow will stay all night going on to Sherbrooke the next morning.

I have been sending all our mail lately to Henry's, but seeing you are still in the same place I will address this to Hollis St.

Now I must stop as I simply must write another letter before mail time (to my lover but don't tell anyone)write soon dear old Edith.

Florrie Anderseed

Mother will write you in a few days. Have you seen Annie Yet? Have you been in any of the stores in Boston and had a ride on the moving stairs? Remember me to Mrs. Royston and Ms. Coy.

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