Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 114: Heathens

Sunday eve August 11

Dear Marion,

I thought I must write a little -not in Mother's letter- so here goes. First of all please don't write so many letters, we really haven't time to read them and of course it must take so much of your time.

There really isn't any news to tell you except that we arrived home safely a la gypsy style with parcels, bundles, umbrellas - and a dog following behind but mighty glad to get here.

Aunt Han came down from Windsor Saturday and is staying over a few days with us so we have had to hop around a little. We did not go to church to day (heathens) as I have another nice cold and Mother and Aunt Han felt tired. This afternoon I sat out on the verandah and gazed over across the road to the little lawyer in the squeaky swing of course made a pretense at reading but as Mrs. Wallace says I did "process' very well with it.

About six this evening it began to thunder and lightning and we had a very bad storm. Their were a couple of terrible cracks in fact it is still grumbling and groaning but I hope it is over for the night or there will be no beauty sleep for me and that would be a calamity indeed. Of course, for you or dear old Edie, it is not of so much account.

We got card from Mrs. Cleveland saying that they expect to arrive in Quebec on Monday so that means some work for us. I would just as soon have the King come as Dr. C of course "he ain't a going to be any trouble" but from now on you can think of us scraping out all the corners, carrying newspapers to the attic, making lemon pies, etc besides "a talking to him in between times." Mrs. Cross from Mt and Mrs. Skinner are coming over for tea tomorrow night. Be sure and send Mrs. Dr. Skinner a card. Mrs. Cross as saying today she has been very sick in fact, they all have now I must gang awa is ma wee hed so good night.

Your Pard,
Florrie Anderseend

Tell Edith, is she a good girl and I will write to her anon. Have you been out to Henry's yet? Where are you going to Alex's. Had a letter from father he is well says he hopes you will have a nice visit in Beantown. Now be good girls and be as nice as you possibly know how is the advice of your young sister

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