Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 113: The West is going to have a say

Elbow Sask. July 22, 1912

Dear Father,

Received your letter of the June 30th only a few days ago. You can write George Alexander that I will be glad to sign off and get rid of this thing. I have been pretty busy lately doing company work and attending political meetings and arguing the balance of the time.

The Liberals won the greatest election that was ever fought in Canada and against the biggest odds and not only did they win but made almost a clean sweep. Now I believe the same thing will happen in Alberta this fall on whenever the election comes. The west has made up its mind that they are going to have a say in what is going on.

You will see by the papers of course the way things are and there is not any use in trying to tell you anything.

I suppose you have to keep pretty quiet where you are. Glad to hear that Flora got through all right and that she and the rest of the girls will be at home with mother. It will be much nicer for them to have some one living in Skinnner's house also. I wrote a letter to Dr. Skinner on May 12th and also I had forgot the address of McDonalds and Newells. I sent it to General Delivery and where I got here last night I find it has been returned not called for.


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