Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 110: Only weighed 194

June 1912

Residency 22, 1912

Dear Margaret

I received your letter written from McDonald and was pleased to hear that Flora had passed.

I had letters from Marion and Edith telling me of Flora's success so it seems we are all pleased that she got through. I hope you had a good visit in Montreal. I think the change will do you good. I wish I could have been with you.

Marion said in her letter that you and she were going to keep house for Mrs. Cleveland over Sunday as they were going away.

We have it pretty warm here for a few days lately; it feels as if summer had come at last; there has been a lot of cold weather here since the snow went away but not the wet weather you speak of at home.

Edith said in her letter that the Crombies were moving in the day she wrote. Said in her letter that you had a big frost but everything was looking fine.

When you write, let me know how you got on with Hann's note, and what you did with my cheque as I keep a record of my cheques issued.

By the time you get this possibly Marion will be at home to keep you lively. Now, when the girls are there take a trip to Aunt Watters' and if I were you I would go out to the country at Flodden; take the train.

Think you would like it and come back when you are ready Take Mrs. Neilson with you if you can I think it would be nice for you.

We are pretty busy at present so if you do not get as many letters do not worry. I weighed myself the other day and I only weighed 194 lbs so you can see how much I have failed. This weight is with my summer clothes.

When you write let me know how you like the new minister . Tell Edith I will write her later. Now my dear, as I have no news to write you from here I will close with love to the girls and much for your dear self.

Your Affectionate husband
N Nicholson

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