Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 109: Full-fledged School Marm

2393 Hutchison
June 13, 1912
Dear Father,

Rec'd yours the other day and am sending you this to tell you that Flora is now a full fledged school marm. They are having their graduation exercises today and she will be going home Friday or Saturday.

Mother came into town on Monday and is staying with Mrs. Cleveland. Both Mrs. C and mother went to St Anne's today for the shine so as they are not back. I have not heard the full particulars.

Flora has not yet been accepted on the City School Board but we are hoping that she will be soon.

I have not seen so very much of Mother as I have been so very busy with exams but she and I are going to keep house at Cleveland's over Sunday while the Dr. and Mrs. go to Sherbrooke so will have a nice visit then.
I am still with Mrs. McCoy. I did not have any row with Mrs. Ellis but the McCoys so kindly invited me up here and as mother says they are foolish enough to like to have me and you may be sure I was very glad indeed to come.

Isabel and MR. McCoy sail Sunday morning. I am thinking of taking a French course at Macdonald College this summer but have not yet decided and I have only two days more to make up my mind. Last night I went to the theatre with Mr. Blair. I think perhaps you have heard of him before. The play was fine. Now I don't think there is any more news so I will close for this time.
Lovingly Marion

PS Mother has just returned from Macdonald and says that Flora has been accepted on the School Board of Montreal.

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