Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 108: Don't Let them take you to Dominion Park


June 13, 1912

Dear Mother,

I was delighted to near that Flora had passed. It was such a relief. And so good to hear her voice. You are always so thoughtful a leave behind. I am getting along splendidly.

Find plenty of time to commune with myself. Your letter came just after the message. Glad you are to stay in. Now don't you worry about things, take a good rest for it is a long time since you have had one. I will meet the train Sat Morning and Sunday also. I am sure you and Marion will have a fine time together . Have you been to the circus yet? You know you are from the country and that will liven you up a bit to see the wild animals.

Well Jimmy T came on Monday afternoon and of course I was anything but ready to receive him. Tan stockings, (not white piquet) and black shoes and my hair every way. I told him I was busy house cleaning. He said no apology was necessary. Evidently I must have looked very beautiful to him. But I felt mighty uncomfortable. He has been off for a month. Has not been very well. Just the same usual easy way you would have thought he had been in yesterday. Bert was down May and Mrs. Skinner were over. I met Aunt Bella today on the street she evidently knew you were away and she asked if you were back. They were in Sherbrooke on Sunday. Came back Monday morning so Florence said. The Crombies are moving in today. Ethel has been .. page missing….garden I planted you seeds in Tuesday. Send my child home so I can see her and have my talk all over after you come.

Did she look nice in her fine dress? Just think A model school marm. Now be careful about the street cars. Don't let M and Romeo take you to Dominion Park. I know them, the villains. Have you see his Lordship the Blair. Write soon and give me a glimpse of city life as seen by a country person.

Your Loving Edit

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