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Letter 106: You should see the squaws!

Residency 22 June 2nd 1912

Dear Margaret,

I am writing my usual Sunday letter to you and hope it may find you well. You will have Edith with you by this time as I had letter from Marion dated the 27 saying that Edith was going home that night and on it she said she had sent your cheque for 100.00 to pay H. note. Isn't she a brick, good as gold.

I wrote her last night saying that I had send you my cheque for 50.00 all that I had in the bank there and thanked her for her great generosity.

Now I think you had best send her back what you do not need in Herb's case or keep it until she is home.

She wrote me such a nice letter and at the end said for me not to send any money as I had plenty calls for mine. And as she was not going to get married this year, she did not need any money for her trousseau. She has always something funny to say. Said she was staying at the McCoy's. What did she leave Miss Ellis's for she did not say.

I wrote Herb today and just said that Hann had written me that all notes must be paid and likely she had written him to that effect and that I had sent you some money and had advised you what to do and if he could spare a little to sent it to you. Will await his reply.

I wrote Flora today and enclosed in it 1.00 saying she might buy peanuts with it if she had no use for it.

How are the new neighbours getting on with their house repairing by the time they get it all repaired it will make it quite a dear house are they putting in a new heating system.

You will have so much money now that you will be doing something desperate with it. What does Edith say about going to see Flora closing day at Macdonald? In my last letter I think I told you about getting letter from Dr. Skinner.Will you let me know about Flora exams as soon as you hear as our papers are so long in getting here that we never can trust on getting them.

I suppose J R McLeod stayed with you when in Rd The man Scott that's been elected to Parliament is from Scotstown.

I wonder if he is one of his people. One of Rv McDonald's daughters was married to a Mr. Scott, I wonder if he is one of he same Scotts. Clayton must be a fool to be so nifly as not to speak. Is Bella as bad. I think old people are so strange. Its not long ago Clayton wouldn't eat anything that Grandma had anything to do with . The best way is to pay no attention to him as life is too short to pay any attention or waste time on them.

We have a band of Indians located or camped across the River from Residency. There are some squaws all decked up in great shape bright red skirts with white blouses and fur boots with the small shawl over their head. You should see these squaws rowing a canoe or handling an ax. Two of them have small babies and they have them strapped to a board and carry them on their back with a strap across their forehead. Now as I have no news to write about from her that would interest you, I will close. With very much love to you

your affectionate Husband

N. Nicholson.

The New King's Hotel
Elbow Saskatchewan
June 2, 1912

Dear Mother,

I am only writing to let you know I am well and hope that you and the others are the same. Edith will be at home now which will make it nicer for you. And Marion and Flora will soon be home also so that you will have plenty around to keep you from being lonesome.

You must have found it very quiet after the Skinners left and the house was empty. I suppose the Crombies have moved into town by this time.

Now I have not any news and do not know what to write. We are having an awful lot of rain out here lately which is making things very backwards. It is very nasty and disagreeable today, raining and blowing hard. I had a letter from Dr. Skinner when he first came out but have not heard from him since although I answered his letter. Had a letter from Father and wrote him the other day. Think you had better send my mail to this place in future; it is a station for farther west.

Now Mother I am going to stop for this time hoping that you and the others are enjoying yourselves and also the best of health.

Your loving son,

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