Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 105:This Old Fountain Pen

2393 Hutchison Street,
Montreal, June 1,

Dear Father,

Just received your letter today and for once am going to be prompt and answer it at once.

About Flora, I think every thing is paid up and I hope that soon she will be a full fledged teacher and then I suppose Edith and I will have to look or she will be leaving us in the shade. I am trying to make a graduation dress for her with Mrs. Cleveland's help. If we can manage it, I am sure she will look fine.

Had a letter from mother today saying that Grandma had died Friday. I thought I might go out to the funeral but have decided not to. Edith is at home now and will keep mother from doing too much. I am having a bad time with this old fountain pen, it has gone back on me and will not write.

There is not very much more news. Am staying with the McCoys until the end of school. Not very long now. Christina Watters is in town with May for a few days.
Isabel and Mr. McCoy sail for the old country on the 18th. Now I must go for I am ruining my lovely temper with this beastly pen.


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