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Letter 104: Mother died!

Richmond May 31, 1912

Dear Norman,

You will be sorry to hear that my mother passed away this morning at 4 o'clock. The funeral is Monday. They are having the Rev. J R McLeod.

I am so glad he is to take charge. It is a happy release for her but we will miss the care of her she has been on my mind so much.

I sat up Sunday also Monday night as the nurse was called away for a few days but was back Tuesday night.

And as Edith came out that night I did not go up for the two nights. They are having Cross undertakers. They do ask my advice but I am quite willing with anything they suggest. She did not speak all day before she died.

I received your letter with cheque enclosed, thanks very much. I will have to get a black suit now. Edith thinks.

Well you will have my letter in regard to Hann's nice letter. I wrote Marion about it, thought she could help. She sent me a cheque the next day for the whole amount.

I wrote Han if she would kindly call the next day or at her earliest convenience, I would settle Herb's note. I, of course, said that I had had a letter from you saying that she wanted it settled--that was the 27th. I wrote her she has not called yet. Marion said Herb would pay her all right. I wrote him before I got the cheque from M asking if he could send me something.

I expect Annie Nielson down, she will stay with us nights.

It has been raining here for three days the river getting very high. And the grass growing in the lawn and it is too wet to cut it. Our minister is coming the 14th of June.

Mr. Nicholson and J. R McLeod had tea with us; they were enquiring for you. I will write you again after Monday.

Sorry you cannot be here with us. Now don't worry any more about Herb or anyone only try and keep well. We had to have a fire in the furnace today.

How are you getting on sleeping in the tent?.

I am not writing to Han because I told her mother wanted to see her and she would not go so she would not go to the funeral.

With much love

Your loving Wife

Margaret Nicholson

Edith is looking well. I don't think she ever came home looking better. She is going to write you in a few days.

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