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Letter 103: Do not vex her

Residency 22 May 31, 1912

Dear Margaret,

Your letter of the 24 inst to hand last evening and was pleased to hear from you and to hear that you were well. I am well but for the last week I have been bothered with toothache, one my back teeth in the upper jaw. Its hard to eat with it as I cannot chew any thing that's hard or tough but hope it will soon get better.

I had a letter this week from Dr. Skinner. He was telling me he expected his wife soon and he had built two houses, ready for the plaster and the foundation for the third, which was to a double tenement and had sown 800 acres of Flax this spring. He must be getting up earlier than he did in Richmond to accomplish so much in the short time he went west.

I haven't written Herb yet but will on Sunday and will just say to him what you advised me to do. I will not write him any harsh letter like the one I got from Han. I am enclosing you my cheque for 50.00; all that's in the Bank at present if I have kept correct track of it. I asked Mr. Rainsbach when at home to let me know when they sent in my cheque but I suppose there isn't any money for him in my account at present, but about the last of June I will ask him for a statement of my account.

Then as my May cheque should be there which should be 100 at least.

If Han had kept quiet until then I could pay the note myself without bothering anyone. I am sorry to have to ask the girls for anything and hope that I am able to pay them later.

I cannot tell you anything about your post office book as I haven't seen it. But you can tell my looking at it.

About your dress, I think you best get one if possible and about going to the closing at Macdonald I will leave that to your good judgment, although I would much like to have you go and see the place.

In paying the note just figure it at Six percent and if my memory serves me right, I think you told me Herb sent you ten dollars last summer to apply on interest, if so this year you only have to pay four should it run the full year.

Do not say anything to vex her at the present time. Just tell her if she says anything about mine not to worry, if I cannot pay it all when due in September that I will give her a new note so she will be protected until it's paid. I received the paper you sent with Peter election news in it.

I would think the conservatives would feel cheap about the large majority Peter got. If they worked and got beaten like that McIver is a back number in politics. Did Clayton get nails in his auto? Do him good this time as he was the one that put up the job last September. Chickens come back to roost often on their own roost.

When you get the note run your pen through Herb's. Name and mark it paid across the face and put it away until I am home.

So Peter is going to get married. About time if he intends to. Is it Miss Penfold?

J R McLeod will be down about your minister, I suppose. Hope Edith will be with you by this time. And that you will keep well I will be happy.

We are having quite cool weather here especially nights.

Dr. Skinner said in his letter than he hoped to see me in Saskatoon soon and invited us to come and stay at their place should any of us go very kind of him. Now as it's getting about bed time I will close for this time.

Trusting to hear from you soon again

with very much love your affectionate husband

N. Nicholson.

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