Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 102: Not getting married this year

3 Tower Avenue,

May 27, 1912

Dear Father,

I have just had a letter from mother telling of Aunt Han's plans concerning Herb so I have sent mother a check for $100.00 and if there is any interest, Edith is to pay that.

So you need not mind anything about it.I think Aunt Han may have waited but never mind, we will be all right in the end.

Don't worry about Herb for I am sure he will get along and as mother says it is best for him not to get discouraged. Edith is going home tonight so mother will not be alone and Edith will keep her from worrying.

I am glad you have had a change for the better; I as sorry though that it took you farther away from home. As far as I can see, I am to be still in my old place at Royal Arthur. There does not seem to be much chance of promotion in our schools this year.

Am going to stay with Mrs. McCoy and the Smiths until the end of term and am very glad to leave No. 3.

Now I must close and if you were going to send mother a check for the note you need not do so for you have more demands on your purse than I have and as I do not intend to get married this year I will not need money for a trousseau. You know that is what they say the girls save for.

Lovingly Marion.

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