Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter 100: Do not pay any attention to it

Residency 22, May 26th,


Dear Margaret,

Your very welcome letter of the17 inst. Received Thursday evening and was pleased to hear from you and to hear that you were well and was also pleased to hear that you had heard from Herb.

The question I asked him was if he thought it was wise for me to go out West and leave what I was doing.

I had a long letter from Marion the same mail as yours telling me about Flora being in the city with them. Said they took her to the theatre.

So you got your back up at Clayton. Who does he tell these things? If he had any sense he should be the last one to talk about other people as he is so lazy himself any man in good health that will make his wife get up in the morning and make fires should be the last one to talk about others. He is one of these that will make a big show for a day or two then will set around and blow about it.

Does he speak to you at all now?

Just do not pay any attention to him. That will hurt him more then saying anything to him.

I see by the Herald that McIver got an awful trimming by Peter. What will they say now? Iis the majority as large as the paper gives it, 1400 hundred.

There cannot be a conservative in Richmond County if these figures are true. It was a great victory after the defeat of September last.

The general opinion is that Sir Wilfrid will be Premier again before long should he live.

Sell the wagon to Montgomery if he wants a wagon or anyone else. It cost me $75 but if you get half of that let it go. Ask 40.00 that will allow you to come down should they offer you $30.00 and then at $35.00.

So Mrs Skinner is leaving for the west this week. Is she taking a girl with her?

I suppose the Crombies are making great changes on their house. Did they put in hot water heating in the house? I think they must have found it in pretty bad repair.

I was somewhat surprised to hear that you had your garden in except the corn. Don't work too hard on it.

Edith will be with you by this time so you will have some company and help to do your house cleaning. It won't be long now until both Marion and Flora will be with you for the summer for which I will be very pleased as you have had your share of being alone.

When the Crombies get moved it will be nice for the girls to have Ethel for a companion and so near.

Do you know what side of politics does the new notary take.

So Gilbert is building in Edmonton. They must be getting on all right; if they all work together they may get on all right out there.

I am enclosing you a cheque for $15.00 to buy your dress as I suppose you have used the one I sent you paying bill about the garden and house.

We are having fine weather here for the last week yesterday it was so warm that I had to take off my coat when walking home from work. We live about one mile from Round House.

Send me the times with the returns of Peter election in.

Now as I have nothing new to write from here. I will close for this time, when you write give me the news about town.

I supposed the leaves are all out around home. Here they haven't started yet.

Now, with very much love to you I will close trusting to hear fromm you soon,

Your affectionate husband

N. Nicholson

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