Sunday, February 6, 2011

Letter 27: Swept off the Face of the Earth

Aylmer River October 10th, 1911

Dear Mr. Nicholson,

In reply to your letter of the 6th inst. I must say I am glad to hear from you and to know that there is one good Liberal left to tell the tale for I thought at one time Borden had swept them all off the face of the Earth.

I am sure just like myself you must have been surprized at the turn over but now we will have to wait for the consequences which may not be very bright for me or you.

Well, for our cause in Pontiac...It was a disgrace. That man Cahill spent fifty thousand dollars in this election and you know where the money spent like that it is hard to have things right, but there is one thing sure he paid for every vote he got and didn't get enough.

We are leaving here this week going to low bush residence 4 is closing for the winter. I remain yours respectfully,

M Sloan

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