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Letter 42: Trouble and Sorrow All Around

Flora and Friends.

December 10, 1911

Cochran Ontario

Dear Margaret,

Yours of the 5 received yesterday and was pleased to get same and to learn by it that you were well. I was sorry to hear of John Peppler's mother's death. There seems to be trouble and sorrow all around us. And we should be thankful that we are spared a little longer.

Hope Florence will soon be well again. I supposed her mother's death hasn't helped her case.

I also note what you said about Edith not being happy where she is. I am of the opinion of yourself. If she is not suited to leave it. But I think if her health is not impaired with too much work she had best try and stay the term out.

In the meantime she may be looking about for something else.

I also note again what you say about J R McLeod. I saw a paragraph in the paper that he was leaving Three Rivers and had accepted a call from the Scottstown Congregation and was to be transferred there immediately. I thought Three Rivers was a better charge then Scottstown.

I also see that Kingsbury and Flodden were unanimous for Church Union. Are they taking a vote on it in Richmond? Have they chosen a minister yet for Kingsbury?

You asked me about Herb coming come. In one of his letters to me since the elections he said "If they dismiss you from your job just go home and stay for the winter. I may be home sometime between now and spring and we will see what we could do."

This is about the words he used. Since then he hasn't said anything to me about coming.

I was anxious to hear from you to know if the cheque I sent you was honored at the bank, as I wanted to send one to Mr. Proulx for the wood but did not want to send his until I knew there were funds in the bank to meet it.

This week has been very mild here and its raining here today. Haven't heard anything yet about our Xmas holidays.

I see by the papers that there is lots of slaughtering at Ottawa in Government positions .

Trust Grandma and Dan are keeping their usual. . Trusting you may be enjoying good health. This leaves me well.

Yours with lots of love your affectionate husband Norman

...The Canadian Transcontinental Railway was a Laurier Government Initiative.

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