Monday, February 7, 2011

Letter 36: My Fifty Bad Kids

Norman Nicholson in Masonic Regalia, perhaps in 1917.

3 Tower Avenue

Nov 15, 1911

Dear Father,

As usual I takes me an age to get around to write a letter but it the time goes so quickly that I hardly know where I am.

I am working like a slave at school these days with those fifty bad kids of mine.

I suppose Mother gives you all the news from home so there is nothing that I need to say from there.

It will soon be Xmas and time to go home again. Do you think you will be able to get home this time or will the Conservatives not let anyone celebrate Christmas.

Last Thursday Edith, May and I went to a party at Mrs. Reeses. I don't think you know her. She was a Miss Brown, a cousin of Ella McLean's in Kingsbury.

We had a fine time there until morning, but it was not quite so funny to have to work the next day.

May and I have moved upstairs to the room just above where we were. Then Mrs. Ellis has made our old room into a parlour and we have all clubbed together and rented a piano so there is music in the house nearly all the time.

Last night I was serving ice cream at a Bazaar for the Victorian Order of Nurses. Rather cold weather for ice cream but anything to make money.

Last Friday May and I went to Macdonald. They were having their dance and May and I thought we would go too, but when we got there I decided that I would not go so I went to bed. May and Flora went and had a fine time. Flora is looking well. Macdonald certainly agrees with her.

Now I think I will stop for now.


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