Monday, February 7, 2011

Letter 32: Giddy Old Maid

Marion in the Sky with LadyBugs.

Oct 26, 1911

Dear Father,

I intended answering your letter before but I have been leading a rather giddy life for an old maid like myself - and then my work keeps me quite busy.

Last weekend we had Flora and she is looking simply fine and getting so fat!

She comes in the second of November to teach again.

They gave her a very good criticism for this time. She does not seem to find the work at all hard.

We had had Thursday and Friday for holidays on account of the Teacher's convention. I did not trouble the convention much but enjoyed the holidays.

Next week we have Thanksgiving day I have not yet decided whether I will go home or not.

Harry Lauder is coming to town and if I stay over Mr. Blair said he would take me to hear him.

I was up at Dr. Cleveland's last week to see Mrs. Coy. She spent a few days with Mother on her way to Danville, but no doubt mother has written you since then. She was looking just the same as she did then years ago.

You need not worry over Mother staying alone for in her last letter to me she was sleeping at Skinners.

I am glad you are so comfortable in your new quarters. I only wish your work was here in the city.

Now I must close with love and the next time I will try and not be so slow about answering.

Herb used to say grandma could beat me on a race to the Post Office.


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