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Letter 31: Dandy William Dawson

Macdonald College

Oct 25, 1911

Dear Father,

Received your letter last week I am sure you must think it is about time I was answering it. But I think you know what a poor correspondent I am.

Everything is going on just the same as usual here. This is a very systematic place, everything has to be done just so.

I have to teach in the day school on Thursday, an arithmetic lesson to elementary 11. Which I don't think very much of but I have to do it, all the same.

Our section is going in to Montreal to teach on November 2. I hope they will send me to the Wm Dawson school again, its just dandy.

If ever I get through here I shall certainly try to get a city school, you have a nice room and everything to work with which means a lot.

Last Saturday the Model class gave a reception in the gym. I had a very nice time for an affair of that kind.

The gym was very nicely decorated with flags and banners.

On Sunday we had Dr. Clark of Westmount, the one you met at Mr. Carmichael's last spring. It is just fine.

Next Sunday Dr. Barclay is going to preach so you see we have nothing but high class preachers out here.

We held our literary society last Tuesday. I got on all right. I have serious intentions of developing into a public speaker and joining the suffragettes.

What do you think?

Have not heard from Mother this week but I suppose she has so many letters to write that mine is rather late.

I wrote to Herb a week or so ago but he has not answered yet.

Wasn't it too bad about poor Marjory Sutherland and Frank Dresser?

Had a letter from Pauline today. Said She and her mother were going out to Quebec Friday to look for a house. I suppose they will want to leave Rd as soon as possible now.

Miss Drummond was out here Saturday. I had a great time taking her around to see he sights and finding out all the news from home.

Now I must stop as it is getting late will write a longer letter next time.

Lovingly Flora MN

William Dawson was located at Christophe Colomb and St. Joseph, in what is now Le Plateau.

There was no suffragette movement in Canada, or so claimed a letter to the Editor clipped by Edith. There was however "a movement for the enfranchisement of women."

Suffragettes (that is militant suffragists)were brought in to Montreal to speak, usually invited by the Montreal Council of Women. These speakers always prefaced their talks by saying they were not for militancy... but they had to say that. In a 1913 Canadian Magazine article, Isabel Skelton claims the Canadian suffrage movement is "backwards." It exists in the UK because they have more spinsters and it exists in the US because they have a history of fighting for equal rights, (abolition, I guess.) Canadians, she says, are 'single-minded homesteaders, intensely on the make, so political and civil responsibility does not loom large."

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