Monday, February 7, 2011

Letter 30: A Regular Life

Edith, Herb and Marion, circa 1888.

1095 Greene Ave

October 18th, 1911

Dear Father,

Was glad to get your letter. Intended writing before this but have been very busy and when off duty have been out a good deal.

It has been such beautiful weather. Flora spent from Friday until Sunday evening with me. She is looking fine, weights 114 and is quite happy.

Marion and I took her to the theatre on Friday night. She seemed to enjoy it. I think it will be relaxing, the change and the regular life.

She got on splendidly (practice) teaching in the city. Flora is going home for Thanksgiving in two weeks. It will make a nice little break

Marion has quite a hard class but seems to be getting along well.

Mrs. Coy was at Dr. C a week ago. We were up to see her. She went out to Richmond and stayed a day or so with Mother.

Had a card from Mother Saturday saying Marjory Sutherland has passed away that morning at 7.30. It seems so sad. She made such a fight for life.

Mother also said she was going to Kingsbury with Christie. I hope she will stay for 2 or 3 weeks. The change will do her good. I do hope she will not worry about any of us. When we are all well we should be contented.

I have been terribly busy. My salary this year will be 275.00, 50 dollars more than last year. We have two new teachers, Miss Vipond and Miss Seward, both Methodists. They seem quite nice.

I have very little news this time but will write soon again.

Your loving Edith

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