Sunday, February 6, 2011

Letter 28: Do My Duty

Edith dressed for work.

October 12, 1911.
1095 Greene Avenue,
Dear Mother,
Letter and bankbook recd.

I hope you are taking things easy.

Has Mrs. Coy been up? Said about the middle of the week. She was going to write you. I told her you would be delighted to see her and were looking forward to her visit.

We were up at the Dr's (Cleveland) for tea Sunday. Then all went to St. Paul's. Today I was at a little tea at Olive's. (Notre Dame de Grace?) I always enjoy going there, it is so home like.

I have not seen Hugh yet. He is ill with a cold. Flora is coming tonight. We are going to the theatre this evening to see The Earl of Pawtucket.

Glad to hear that you like you suit. I have seen so many just that style out here.

Miss Vipond got word Wednesday at 7 that her sister was dead. She was married and living in Shawvillle. She was only 24. She left this morning at 10.

Miss Duncan is teaching here in her place. We have been quite busy at school. I am not pleased with the way things are arranged this year. But now that I am here, I will make the best of it. I shall do my duty, but nothing else. In the meantime, perhaps something else will turn up.

Did I tell you? I am to get $275 or 34.50 a month.

I will write again after Flora goes back.

Yours lovingly,


Mrs. Coy is a family friend (perhaps related to the N's in some way through the Clevelands) who lives in Framingham, Massachusetts, not far away from Newton Center where Dr. Watters lives.

In 1908, when Flora and May are visiting the doctor and on a trip to the Wellesley Campus in his Stanley Steamer, they all drop in unannounced on Mrs. Coy, who writes Margaret to say how embarrassed she was to be in her housecoat, but she was doing a wash. Mrs. Coy has no daughters, just a son, Chester, and from her letters it seems her life is lonely and hard.

Edith has been working at Ecole Methodiste Westmount, a private missionary school, for two years. She has no teaching diploma, so she cannot get a better paying job at the Montreal Board.

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