Sunday, February 6, 2011

Letter 26: Not Nervous at All.

Young Margaret McLeod.


26 September, 1911

Your letter telling of your safe arrival recd last night. I also got the cards you sent me on the way which kept me contented.

The day you left the Clayton took me to Melbourne. Jennie McMorine was there, and I went back home with her and stayed the night.

Since then I have been sleeping at the Crombies as Ethel and Mr. Crombie are both in Montreal.

Now, I must tell you, I am not at all nervous staying alone. In fact, I have not been much here; I take tea at the Crombie's and the Farquarsons', so if you try and take care of yourself, I will do likewise.

The Pope boys are going to pile the wood. They want to do it.

Florence went in to Montreal. Saw Flora and Marion. Edith was at her school. Marion said her cold was much better and that she goes in every day to work.

Glad you had such nice weather for your trip. I mailed your (Sherbrooke) Records last week. Will write soon,

With much love,
Margaret Nicholson

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