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Letter 25: Elections and Feeds

Norman and Margaret at their marriage?

Macdonald College

Sept 25, 1911

Dear Father,

How is everything in Rd? Is Edith's cold better. I suppose she is getting ready for Montreal.

How is Mother? See that she doesn't work too hard.

Are you coming out to see me on your way back? I think Mother had better come with you. It would be worth your while to come out and see the place, it is just fine.

Isn't it too bad about the elections? Anyway Richmond did its share when they elected Tobin. I suppose it was exciting around there.

The twenty first, was there any sort of celebration? It is very quiet here.

Prof Kneeland gave us a little talk on politics but that was all.

I wonder how the Sherbrooke people feel having a Conservative elected? I wonder if Frank McRae can spell any better than Bill.

Yesterday we had the Rev. Dr. Scrimger for our Minister. He was very nice. Next Sunday we are to have the Rev. Dr. Welch, so you see we have nothing but first class ones here.

Dr. Welch was the one we had for our anniversary last year. It is really the Presbyterian service we have at the assembly. They use our hymn books and follow our order of service.

I have joined the choir. They have got a splendid choir master and a good organist so it makes it nice.

Yesterday afternoon Mabel Shaw, Molly Jamieson, Miss Wright, two (domestic) science girls and myself went for a walk to Fort Senneville. It was just lovely, only I was pretty tired when I got home.

Saturday night Mabel and I were invited to a feed. Two girls, Mary Stewart and Muriel Murtchison gave it. Their people were out to see them Saturday and brought them a supply of stuff so they asked some of the girls in to help them eat it up.

Of course, we didn't refuse. We had raspberry vinegar to drink, soda biscuits, two kinds of cake, fancy biscuits and candy and fruit. Quite a spread, don't you think?

This is a fearfully hungry place. I am hungry all the time. I was weighed Saturday and I have gained 6 lbs already: that is a rate of 2 lbs a week. I am "going some", don't you think?

If I keep on at that rate I will be quite a size by Christmas.

Your loving daughter,
Flora M. Nicholson.

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