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Letter 21: My Views are These

A chart tabulating votes in 1904 election in Richmond-Wolfe. (Norman Nicholson's)

Richmond August 21, 1911

Dear Sir,

At a large and representative convention held in the town of Richmond on the 18th day of this month, I was, by unanimous vote, selected as the Conservative Candidate for the Parliamentary Division of Richmond Wolfe.
The honor is a great one, and if elected, I will do my utmost to truly represent the views of my constituents.

On the two great questions of the day, Reciprocity and the Navy my views are these: I am opposed to the Taft Fielding Reciprocity Pact for reasons which I will explain from the platform. As to the question of the Navy I am in favor of having this matter decided by the direct vote of the people.

During the campaign I shall endeavor to visit all the parts of the two counties. The time is short and some localities may be overlooked, but I hope to have an opportunity of laying my views before you in meetings, the dates of which will be shortly announced.

If after having listened to our side of the case, you will favor me with your support.

I will be grateful.

Sincerely yours

John Hayes MD (Stamped)

In the 1904 election of the chart at top, Tobin the Liberal candidate got 3787 votes against 2576 for O'Brady the Conservative candidate. Men voted in Halls, schools, stores and even private homes, it seems. Poll number 13 at Windsor Mills was at the "store house of Mr. Dearden opposite River View Hotel." In Richmond that year 507men were eligible to vote. 371 men voted, 230 to 141 for Tobin the Liberal.

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