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Letter 22: Liberal Fire-Water

Flora and, I'm guessing, May Watters. (They look alike and appear the same age and May has the long face inherited from Norman's mother, so it's the right side of the family.)


September 5, 1911

Dear Norman,

I have been so busy could not get time to write, but I got your last two letters.

Strange that you have had no word about coming home for the election. Dr. Skinner told me you'd be here the 16th. He is on the Committee. I heard you would have your trip for nothing.

Flora went into Montreal this morning. Marion went in yesterday with May. Marion was going to try to take Flora to the station to see her off on the train to Ste. Anne.

Flora did not feel lonesome getting on the train at Richmond as the girl she is to room with went with her. And Mr. Craik and son were going, as the boy is to be taking the teacher's course. And one of the Dresser girls too.

Only we both were pretty tired.

May is going to try and board with Marion at Mrs. Ellis's.

I met Clayton at Dan's Sunday night, when Marion went to say goodbye. They were asking when you were coming.

"Oh well," I said. "He will be hear to weep with his friends if the Liberals lose." Then I asked, "Do you really think Hayes is going to win?"

Clayton said, "Yes, there are so many Liberals turning Conservative. And I have not heard of one Conservative turning Liberal."

I said, "You will find that there won't be many who turn. And Hayes cannot win against Tobin." Of course he says the Liberals are using a lot of whiskey, and all such talk as that.

I told Rothney that you could not say about the house until you came home. He said he could wait until then all right.

I have not heard from Herb. In his last letter he says he is to be Manager again. So he is busy.

Yours with much love,

....Mr Craik's son would have been one of only a couple of males taking the teacher's course, but upon graduation he could expect a starting salary $300.00 dollars a year higher than that of a female graduate. And a principalship was a likely prospect, too, for any male Normal School graduate.

In the letters, Margaret often describes conversations in HE SAID I SAID fashion. Fun!

Ste Anne is 20 miles west of Montreal, at the tip of the island.

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